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Yoga is not just a workout; it is a work-in!

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YAUCO YOGA offers a variety of group and private classes for the local community. We promote a safe, authentic and inquisitive practice. All classes are geared towards developing the fundamental knowledge of the physical and emotional benefits of yoga. Our goal is to make this ever evolving discipline more accessible to you!

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My name is Ednilean (Edni) Padua Octaviani and I grew up in Yauco, Puerto Rico. Since an early age I was curious about movement, nature and spirituality. Growing up I never heard the words Yoga or Mindfulness; I was way past my 20's. I had already graduated from college and had a demanding corporate career in three different States.

I started on the yogic path seeking to relieve the constant stress of a fast-paced day job, but what I found by linking my breath with movement - has changed the course of my life as an adult. The physical practice improved my strength, concentration and self-discipline, the focus on my breath deepened my connection to Spirit and a newly found concept of Self.

In the transformational year of 2020, I was called to deepen my practice and embarked on a spiritual journey that combined two of my passions - travel and yoga. I went on to Bali, Indonesia to complete my first 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Training with Shades of Yoga.

I am a dedicated student of yogic philosophy and anatomy. I find inspiration from ancient texts like the Bhagavad GitaI, the Yoga Sutras and other books that shed light on East practices in West modern times. I see yoga as a conscious effort to grow in our spiritual and physical abilities. I have an intuitive teaching style and I hope to inspire you to incorporate the balance of yoga’s many benefits in everyday life.

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mondaY 6:00PM


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Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self!

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